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Mid Season Jute Dupatta

The sunlight is crisp. You catch a drift of the gentle but chilly breeze, shivering slightly, perhaps excited for the bahar, perhaps sad about bidding adieu to the winters. You make the most of this perfect weather by peeling maaltas and kinnows out in the patio, drinking tea on the balcony, reading a book in the gazebo, trying to catch the Sun. You grip your light shawl around you, capturing the moment, yet eagerly waiting for Nowruz, the new day, when spring unfolds, flowers bloom, and life goes technicolor.


For these special moments, we have some special Dupatta shawls.
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Wabi | NOWR09
Regular price Rs.1,499.00
Peela | NOWR10
Regular price Rs.1,499.00
Rungeen | NOWR11
Regular price Rs.1,499.00
Mughal | NOWR12
Regular price Rs.1,499.00